Welcome at the internet site of Fishion, on this site we give an impression of our projects and line of work.

What is Fishion Aquarium Projects / Products and what does it represent

Fishion designs and builds, amongst other disciplines, aquariums and sea mammal attractions. Thereby it covers the whole area. Not only the design parts of an aquarium, but also the life support systems, component engineering, themed exhibitory and so on.

Fishion was founded at 1994 designing the aquarium for Fort Kijkduin. In this aquarium you will have the experience, while walking on glass through one of the most spectacular tunnels in the world, to be totally surrounded by water.
At present several aquaria are built. For the first aquarium, Fort Kijkduin in Den Helder (Holland), Fishion also keeps maintenance and the daily operations for 10 consecutive years now. Next to that, we supply stand-alone life support systems, analyze water quality and consult on site to improve animal husbandry and life support systems.

The acrylic windows for the Fort Kijkduin project were manufactured by Reynolds Polymer Technology, Inc. Ever since both companies keep a close relationship over the years. Eventually this resulted this year in a business agreement in which Fishion now is the sole representative for Reynolds Polymer in Northern Europe.
You can find us at the following location:

Fishion Aquarium Projects / Products

Office : Admiraal VerHuellplein 1 Den Helder (Netherlands)
: P.O.Box 213
1780 AE Den Helder
The Netherlands
Phone : 00 31 223 615352
Fax : 00 31 223 615357
Mail : info@fishion.com
Web : www.fishion.com